Plans and Program Review

Tactical Plans

  1. 2010 to 2012 Plan
  2. 2010 Plan Presentation to PPAC
  3. 2004 to 2007 Plan

Workload Data

  1. AY 2010-2011 Professional Development Overview
  2. Help Desk Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Fall 2010 to Summer 2011
  3. Fall 2009 Program Review CELTT
  4. Fall 2008 Program Review CELTT
  5. Fall 2007 Program Review CELTT

CELTT’s professional development programs support the unit’s Tactical Plan which is closely aligned with the campus Strategic Plan. There is alignment with strategic outcomes, performance measures and potential strategies of the 2008-2015 Strategic Plan; these are covered in detail in the latest Tactical Plan and we highlight some in the pdf document, AY 2010-2011 Professional Development Overview. Click on link above.

Technology Upgrades


  1. Classroom Technology Upgrades, 2009 and 2010